Blue Apron
2018 Holiday Gift Guide

The 19 essential holiday gifts for anyone
who eats...which is everyone.

Creative Direction & Art Direction

Golden. Glowing.
Gifts Galore.

Winter afternoon sun, holiday dinner fun.

Holiday Cookie

Sugar & chocolate & icing, oh my!

Old traditions.
New kitchen additions.

The festive breakfast.

The happiest hour.

Cheddar makes everything better.

Cider mulling.
Chocolate melting. Bread baking.
Candles flickering.
Stars shining. Dreidels spinning.
Stock simmering.

Enjoy the sights, sounds, scents, and tastes of this holiday season - relax and leave the gift curation to us.

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Executive Creative Direction:
Stephan Hoefnagels

Creative Direction:
Laura Mechling

Art Direction:
Laura Mechling & Devin Kelly

Devin Kelly

James Molloy & Sarah Richter